Endless truth

So many words unspoken
I don’t even know where to start
With so many promises broken
I can only hear my heart

I don’t want to settle for riches
Or the wisdom of this earth
I wanna strive for so much better
And give of all I’m worth

it’s the murmurs of an endless truth
That beckons me to love
It’s the murmurs of an endless truth
Of living life
Through a lens of love

With so many words unspoken
Maybe I should start


Second chance

I’m cleaning out these cobwebs
Cracking curtains open wide
As I see dust come to life
This light burns my eyes

A fresh take with a hint of new
Open spaces, clear as day
It’s about time I get a move on
Bags packed I’m on my way

Ready or not here I come
I need to find you
Knock knock
I must be with you

I’m not sorry I have these questions
Answers aren’t guaranteed
I’ll cry til my lung give out
Look til I finally see

Zoè – “life”

I can’t fight this any more
I’ve been pulling lions teeth for too long
The fruit of this labour has gone sour
I need a change of scenery

Winter comes and spring shall follow
But this drought never seems to end
Mountains high, valleys low
I’m lost for where to start looking

I need a new break now
Just another chance now

Freedom is calling out my name
I long to hear it whispered again
From the east to the west north and south
I will never stop listening for that still small voice


I’ve found forever
Wrapped in your embrace
The sweetest kiss does not compare
To the knowledge of your love
The way you say my name

These rivers may run deep
As a thirsty traveller
I will never cease to seek
For the knowledge of your love
And why you say my name

Remind me of your promises
The ones closest to your heart

When in with you
Everything seems a bit brighter
I breathe in a little but deeper
Forever I’m lost in your love
I can see you
Everywhere I go I’m near you
Let my feet follow your heart
Forever I’m found in your love